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  • NEW WEST by A G "Gus" Castaneda


    The Old West has always been depicted as a place of majesty and mayhem; a lawless land capable of serenity and beauty but prone to danger and violence. Classic western art, including the works of masters like Charles M Russell and Frederic Remington, contributed to these myths. Paintings packed with detail and movement, piercing portraits of cowboys, natives, and their horses, characterized the artists enamor with this untamed place and untamed people. This art had a profound effect on the rest of the country’s, even the rest of the world’s, idea of the American West.
    In his new collection, NEW WEST, A G “Gus” Castañeda reconceptualizes the myth of the west. Building on his previous show, California Outsider, A G Castañeda has continued his caustic style and stripped down the details and clarity of the classic western art to tell its story in a fittingly rugged form.

    A G Castañeda is a self taught artist who works with water color and oil pastel. Mixing immiscible mediums into a symbiotic relationship that creates masterful pieces of art. His love for his native home, California, and its history are reflected in his art.
    A G Castañeda continues to expand his palette and never fears to push the boundaries of any genre.

    A G “Gus” Castañeda

    Opening reception: 6 - 9pm, August 4th

    Hotel Casa 425
    425 W 1st Street, Claremont, CA 91711

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  • California Outsider press release

    California OutsiderArtist: A G CastanedaIn 1947, the French artist and curator Jean Dubuffet coined the term 'Art Brut' (Raw Art) in his manifesto on art created by eccentric artists producing work free from academic rules or fashionable trends.   Read More