The Artwork of A G Castaneda — FINE Artist

California Outsider press release

Artist: A G Castaneda

In 1947, the French artist and curator Jean Dubuffet coined the term 'Art Brut' (Raw Art) in his manifesto on art created by eccentric artists producing work free from academic rules or fashionable trends. Focusing on psychiatric patients, mediums, and children, Dubuffet reveled in the "works created from solitude and from pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere."

Later, Roger Cardinal provided the English synonym 'Outsider Art' and broadened the understanding of what it meant to be an outsider artist. Focusing less on a niche group, Cardinal noted that an untrained, and intellectually untainted, creative impulse was the nucleus of what outsider art was all about. Art created out of necessity and not ambition. 

In this new show, AG Castaneda brings together his own experience as an outsider with that of historical California outsiders. Created during a transitional period in his life, Castaneda created the pieces out of an honest need to express and produced them on whatever material was available to him at the time. It makes for a much rougher and caustic style. While the dark surrealism he has focused on the past is still prevalent this series sacrifices technique for tone. Bright colors and blurred visions distract from the darkness of the subject matter, with the lack of clarity giving them an unsettling yet truthful quality.

Rusted, dusty-worn rider
Seared silent by the unforgiving sun.
What's left of the California Outsider's
weary hard work comes undone.

The Colony at Loft 204

Opening Reception: 6-9pm September 3rd

532 W. First St. #204 (Claremont Packing House)                                                                                                               Claremont, CA 91711